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Here I will share what I am learning. I will also post events, assignments and projects. You are welcome to tell me any of your learnings or tasks you have been learning. You are welcome to ask me any questions or reply to any of my questions. I really like to read and I spend a lot of time reading. I really enjoy the ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ series and I really want to read the new one ‘Hard Luck’.

Do you like to read?

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From Gizelle

School holidays news report

Hello Bloggers,

During  the school holidays, many kids like to go places and do exciting things. Some common activities are: going to the movies, going to fairs and carnivals or catching up with friends. I’ve been to the movies with my friend and I made a news report to tell you about our holidays and other people’s holidays. It can be viewed on ‘studentshared’. For those who dont know what studentshared  is, it is a place where students from our school can share or store projects or tasks assigned by the teacher. 

What did you do on your holidays? 

Was it fun? 

For whom would you recommend it?

From Gizelle